• English Zone

Including L204 Speaking Classroom, L205 Language Resource Room, L207 Language Center Office, L208 Self-Study Learning Classroom, L209 Interactive Learning Classroom and English Corner.


  • 口說教室(L204) Speaking Classroom

Providing the Tutor classroom and equipment. In addition, it holds English Cafe to help students practice speaking and enhance their understanding of foreign culture.


  • 語言研讀教室(L205) Introduction to Language Resource Classroom

Providing a host of English textbooks, magazines and books for students to borrow.  In addition, it offers English consulting service, equipped with a couple of computers for students to operate in practice, English Writing Center, which students can turn to for help in English.  For example, remedial teaching in what they do not follow up in class, reference books of English proficiency tests such as CSEPT, TOEIC, GEPT, TOFEL, English novels and magazines in order to elevate students’ English ability and employment competitiveness.


  • 語言中心辦公室(L207)  Language Center Office

Equipped with meeting room, faculty offices, assistants and part-time student workers, who provide consulting service on Language Center business.


  • 自學教室介紹(L208) Introduction to Self-Study Learning Classroom

This classroom was established on behalf of all the students who need to learn English.  Equipped with 66 units of computers and a variety of online English learning resources and software, such as AMC E-learning, LiveABC, EasyTest, MyET, and others.  In addition, it provides venues for holding English-related contests and training activities.


  • 情境教室(L209) Interactive Learning Classroom

Equipped with YoFun (English learning software via films), creating interactive English learning environment and providing venues for English contests.


  • 英語角落(English Corner)

Held at noon Monday through Friday and providing students with relaxed and casual environment in practicing English conversation and listening comprehension.  Topics vary on a weekly basis and students can make reservations online to practice English conversation with foreign teachers in order to elevate students’ confidence in using English without worrying about scores or extra homework.