The key work items of Language Center are as follows:


I. Plan freshman and sophomore English courses for both day school and night division.

 (1) The plan and execution of freshman and sophomore English courses.
 (2) English placement of day school and night division.

II. Teaching Excellence Project—Draw up and execute the subprograms in enhancing English abilities.

III. Plan and conduct English related contest on campus, such as English Vocabulary Contest, MyET English Speaking Contest, English Singing Contest, English Advertisement Contest.

IV. Plan and conduct English sprint class/ ESP courses.

V. Plan and conduct summer intensive English courses (IEP).

VI. Plan English related activities such as English Corner, Writing Center, Culture Corner, English Counseling, English Self-Study and implement English Learning Passport.

VII. Manage Self-Study Classroom, Interactive Learning Classroom, Language Resource Classroom, Outer English Corner space, etc.

VIII. Promote the use and English learning software of Self-Study Classroom and monitor the borrowing of books and magazines.

IX. Assist in conducting administrative business or teaching related to international exchange.