Foreign Language and EMI Teaching Center

To elevate students’ English ability on campus and build up campus wide English learning atmosphere so as to enhance our graduates’ competitiveness in further study and employment, Foreign Language Center was established in 2010.Foreign Language Center provides English –related courses, faculty and both software and hardware equipment and take charge of campus wide English courses and hold related activities, aiming to uplift the interest of both faculty and students in language learning.  Since 2013,Foreign Language Center also founded English Writing Center, which provides students with writing needs ranging from English resume, cover letter, autobiography, and English proficiency tests, etc.  In addition,Foreign Language Center organizes freshman and sophomore English contests on campus, offering students opportunities of using English, including English Advertisement, English Cuisine Professional, English Trivia Contest, English Singing Contest, etc.

At present, the faculty includes 1 associate professor, 1 full time lecturer, 1 contract lecturer and 34 English part time teachers, who are sophisticated in specialties, rich in experiences, and professional in literacy with passion and global exchange experience in assisting students and meeting their diverse needs in English learning.

Foreign Language Center aims to serve the students on campus and provide English courses mainly for non-English majors to meet their graduation threshold and future employment needs.  As for the arrangement of courses, we execute “Placement Teaching Test” to elevate teaching efficacy and enhance students’ “Basic English Competency” and “ESP Competency.”  Not only does Foreign Language Center offer general common courses, but we also plan a variety of suitable short-term courses and diverse activities.  In addition to make English learning life like, we step further and making effort in planning both the evaluation system and supporting measures and encouraging students to obtain English proficiency certificates.  We lay the foundation for students so that they are well prepared for future workplace.

Foreign Language Center provides on campus students with warm and friendly English learning environment and supporting software to assist students in need of language buildup by offering adaptive remedial teaching.  As for the students who excel in language learning, we develop their ability to be an everlasting passionate language learners and young diplomats in linking our school with partner institutions and the globe.